The Room Epilogue Walkthrough iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 2

Tap the metal orb in your inventory and move it slightly so the top is in view.  Swipe the top until you see a flower symbol.  Tap the flower and swipe up on the blue orb to open it up.  Inside is the second gear with a square middle.

Go back to the gear part on the edge of the table and enter the square gear in the system.  Press the button to show a drawer.  Slide open this tarot drawer and get your strangely shaped key.

Place this strange key into the side of the hat box on the table.  The lock hole will have a star shape entry point.  Turn the key once and flick the switch to slide a pattern area down.

Go back and turn the key to 8 o’clock and then move to the pattern part to get your diamond shape key.  You will see another part hidden behind the pattern area.  Go back, flick the switch back to the up position, then 8 o’clock again, to release the door handle for “there are two small holes suggesting somethings missing”.  It’s actually a metal plate with two small holes.

Place the diamond key into the music box and turn.  It will show three points and a symbol with 4 notes coming from it’s mouth.  You can slide this symbol left and right.  Remember the key we used to move the pattern?  that same key controls the side of the boxes here too.

Flick that key to a different position to see the gold pointed up and bottom left turns to the two C symbols and the bottom right is the 4 notes again.  Using the key and sliding back each time set the symbols based on what you see the gold pointing to.  So if the gold arrow is pointing to the bottom left then set the symbol to the double C and for the gold arrow pointing to the bottom right set it to the 4 notes symbol.  Once completed correctly two parts will slide down.

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5 Responses to The Room Epilogue Walkthrough iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 2

  1. I am at the piano stage, where you have to copy the notes played three times. Every time I try to play the second sequence, even though it is right, the game will not allow me to try the third sequence, it keeps sending me back to start again.

    Can you help?.

    • You’re probably entering the second sequence incorrectly. Count the keys from left to right to make sure you are starting at the right one!.

  2. Sorry. I am being very dim. I have completed most of the room myself with only a little help from the walk through. I now have the two handles and the code, 573. I cannot find where to enter the code so that I can insert the handles. Can you help please ?.

  3. I have the same problem like Ann, need help :-).