The Room Epilogue Walkthrough iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 3

Then go back and turn the key again to the up position.  You will see two gold squares appear on the sides of this symbol puzzle.  Press both gold squares at the same time, multitouch for ipad, iPhone and ipod touch is useful at this point of The Room Epilogue.

When you press the two gold buttons you will have revealed the 4 triangles and the combination lock.  Use the eyeglass and look from the right side to align the triangles correctly.  There are switches at the base of the triangle to rotate them.  Remember to look from the right, and with the eyeglass equipped.  The combination lock code is 573.

Enter 573 as the secret combination to see the two cross puzzle.

Now leaving that for a moment, move to the side of the table.  On the side is a brass or gold plate with “Limited edition English drum table inscribed” and what looks like a coin slot under that.  It’s not a coin slot, it’s actually a slide part of the table.  Slide the large wood block just under the brass plate down to release the three movers.

Swipe around the edge of the table and take a look at where the strange silver circle symbol slid to.  It is now under a 1,2,3 section of the table legs.  The three symbols in order of 1,2,3 are: triangle, square and cross, and strange s shape.

Move those three sliders over those symbols.  triangle, square and cross and curly S.  A tiny drawer will open and reveal a circular coin.

On the sides of the table is a gold octagon with two holes.  Use the metal plate on this area and turn to release the piano.  Remember the piano notes from the note on the table?  keys are 4,6,8.  Press them all at the same time, thanks to multitouch on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices.

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5 Responses to The Room Epilogue Walkthrough iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 3

  1. I am at the piano stage, where you have to copy the notes played three times. Every time I try to play the second sequence, even though it is right, the game will not allow me to try the third sequence, it keeps sending me back to start again.

    Can you help?.

    • You’re probably entering the second sequence incorrectly. Count the keys from left to right to make sure you are starting at the right one!.

  2. Sorry. I am being very dim. I have completed most of the room myself with only a little help from the walk through. I now have the two handles and the code, 573. I cannot find where to enter the code so that I can insert the handles. Can you help please ?.

  3. I have the same problem like Ann, need help :-).