The Room Epilogue Walkthrough iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 5

Move to the circle on the table top with the flower symbol in the center.  Place the red gemstone in the broken slot.  Put the other gemstones into the circle too with the red gemstone.  Now move to the glass circle window, zoom in, and use the eyeglass.

Red, green, blue and yellow is the order the gemstones should be placed into the circle holder.  The music or hat box will unlock.  Slide it up to open and show the path puzzle.  Slide the blue diamond gemstone and press the middle button to rotate.  Trial and error is the best thing to use here.  Just keep working at it and rotating and you will get to the middle hole eventually.

Once you make it to the middle a blue energy orb will appear and glow.  Use your eyeglass and swipe around to line up the symbols to match the symbols on the back wall.  You might have to swipe around the whole table to see the back wall symbol you need.  Remember to be in eyeglass mode to see it.  Line up the symbol from the glowing orb and the back wall to move to the next stage or level.

Repeat this one more time because Fireproof games were running out of ideas here.  The second time you need to rotate the blue orb too.

Congratulations,  you have completed The Room Epilogue and you didn’t even need this walkthrough.  The Room Two has a release date of December 12th this year.  I’m looking forward to a sequel to The Room (The Room 2) and this epilogue level has soaked the palate just right in preparation.

See you guys in The Room Two walkthrough on December 12th.

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5 Responses to The Room Epilogue Walkthrough iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 5

  1. I am at the piano stage, where you have to copy the notes played three times. Every time I try to play the second sequence, even though it is right, the game will not allow me to try the third sequence, it keeps sending me back to start again.

    Can you help?.

    • You’re probably entering the second sequence incorrectly. Count the keys from left to right to make sure you are starting at the right one!.

  2. Sorry. I am being very dim. I have completed most of the room myself with only a little help from the walk through. I now have the two handles and the code, 573. I cannot find where to enter the code so that I can insert the handles. Can you help please ?.

  3. I have the same problem like Ann, need help :-).