Whats My IQ App Pro Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 3

Puzzle 77 – Park the car into the right lot.  Drag and drop the car on the rightside parking space with the big X on it.

Puzzle 78 – Find the last mistake.  There is missing punctuation period on the puzzle question itself!  So tap just after the e in mistake on the question.

Puzzle 79 – Press the buttons simultaneously to confirm.  Tap the left button first to change to go to next puzzle, then press and hold both buttons at the same time.

Puzzle 80 – Tap the fruits in ascending order again.  You know this is a trick puzzle question.  Apple, Grape , then Banana.  1 apple, 2 grapes and 3 bananas.

Checkpoint time.  Phew, I had only one life remaining.

Puzzle 81 – if a 0.01cm paper is folded up to 5 times, how thick (in cm) will it become?  0.32cm, just imagine folding the paper 5 times.

Puzzle 82 – Type bird.  Type carefully!  remember all lowercase letters and the d and r switch positions when you type the third letter!  Tricky orangenose studios eh.  This What’s My IQ pro guide brought to you by Nerdr.com.

Puzzle 83 – Find the starts.  Shake you device like the earthquake question until you see stars over the boys heads.

Puzzle 84 – A difficult question? Take 2 apples from 3 apples and how many apples do you have?  Left are 5 apples?  No don’t try to be clever, the answer is just 2.

Puzzle 85 – Make the bat sleep? Bats sleep upside down, so turn the device upside down and the bat will fall asleep.

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9 Responses to Whats My IQ App Pro Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 3

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  2. Hi i just want to say thank you for the guide.

  3. I got 439.

  4. Tap the fruits in ascending order carrot -.-.

  5. What’s my IQ ™ app. This guide comes in Pro and normal editions for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. HD and non HD versions of whats my IQ are available from the Apple App store. What’s my IQ 100 questions was made by our very own Orangenose studios and attempts to test your critical thinking and logical reasoning skills. Here are the exact puzzle answers for those looking to cheat using puzzle answers, tips and hints.

  6. 2+7=9.

  7. Gillian & Maddi

    Thanks for your help, but by the way we didn’t mess up at all or get anything wrong and we got and IQ of 497. LOL Thanks again!
    Peace Out Girlscout.

  8. Ithink.