Whats My IQ App Pro Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 4

Puzzle 86 – How many stars are there on the 3 boys? 10 stars.  First boy had 3 stars.

Puzzle 87 – Drag the diver to the surface.  Notice the bubbles going to the left.  Well, the air bubbles would rise in water right, so drag him to the left.  Drag using the divers feet and try to get him far off the left side.

Puzzle 88 – Use the shapes to form a rectangle.  ANSWER – If you move the left square off screen slightly on the left side, then it looks like a rectangle.  So do that.

Puzzle 89 – Loosen the screw.  Answer is hold down a finger ON the screw as you turn your iphone, ipod touch or ipad CLOCKWISE. Hold the device up to make it easier to recognise the turn.

Puzzle 90 – Park the car in the handicap lot.  First drag the bottom parking rectangle over the word Handicap in the question, then move the car onto this lot.

Puzzle 91 – Question is Quick! Tap the poker card based on the number displayed on it? Notice the position of the heart symbol, it is upside down.  So tap the card 9 times.  But then isn’t the answer also upside down? no! (for some unknown reason…)

Puzzle 92 – Fire! Activate the alarm. Answer is to keep pressing the button about 11 times to eventually break the warning glass and get to the button.

Puzzle 93 – Light up all the buttons on the safe again.  Hit reset, then answer is 1,3,9,7,5 to light up all the buttons.

Puzzle 94 – Replace the old batteries with the new batteries.  Answer to question is first remove the old black batteries, then replace with new orange batteries.  Then from the question words drag the phrase “new batteries” over the phrase “old batteries”.

Puzzle 95 – Quick, dismantle the thing.  Hold the screw again like before and rotate your device clockwise.

Puzzle 96 – Tap the Banana.  Split the banana into two separate bananas, then tap on one of them.

Puzzle question 97 of 101 – Tap the poker card based on the number displayed on it again.  The number counter is not correct and tricks you in the middle.  Count to 13 and it still shows 12.  So set it to 12 and that is the answer.

Puzzle 98 – Light up all the buttons again.  5 is already glowing this time.  Hit the buttons 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9.  All numbers missing the 5.  I have one life left.  Nerdr.com

Puzzle 99 -Press and hold both screws together until the timer ends.

Puzzle 100 – Nearly finished!  Question is “How do you spell stupidness?”.  Answer is to cheat.  It says something about typing “stupidness 3” using the keyboard but I can’t get the keyboard to display so I cheated.

Puzzle 101 – This is it!  The final question in What’s my IQ Pro.  Congratulations, this is the final question.  Open the champagne to celebrate.  Shake your device like crazy, then pop that cork out!

Well done, you’ve completed What’s my IQ pro.  Now relax and check out my review below.  My final IQ was 438.

What’s my IQ Pro Review for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Devices

It was an okay game.  The graphics are nice and the sound is great.  The game play is random at times and the puzzles can be without logic, forcing you to use a guide.  This makes the game start to drag later on and you know they are just looking for IAP In app purchase dollars.  There should be checkpoints every 10 questions.

I paid $0.99 for the app, after that it should all be free.  After all, it is just 50 questions.  The game comes with 100 questions, 50 are the exact same as the free version.  So you are paying $0.99 for 50 puzzles.

The final review score I give What’s my IQ Pro (TM) is 4/5 while playing and a 0/5 for re-playability once you have finished all the puzzles.

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9 Responses to Whats My IQ App Pro Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 4

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  2. Hi i just want to say thank you for the guide.

  3. I got 439.

  4. Tap the fruits in ascending order carrot -.-.

  5. What’s my IQ ™ app. This guide comes in Pro and normal editions for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. HD and non HD versions of whats my IQ are available from the Apple App store. What’s my IQ 100 questions was made by our very own Orangenose studios and attempts to test your critical thinking and logical reasoning skills. Here are the exact puzzle answers for those looking to cheat using puzzle answers, tips and hints.

  6. 2+7=9.

  7. Gillian & Maddi

    Thanks for your help, but by the way we didn’t mess up at all or get anything wrong and we got and IQ of 497. LOL Thanks again!
    Peace Out Girlscout.

  8. Ithink.