100 Lights Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

The Items room levels.

Puzzle 11 cheats – Shake your iPhone or iPod touch to light the torch.

Puzzle 12 – Keep tapping on the battery to turn the lights green.  Keep tapping quickly until you pass this level of 100 lights.

Puzzle 13 – Open the matches box.  Select the match from your items area and rub it on the matchbox to light it.  Then light the candle with it, then light the entire matchbox with it!

Puzzle 14 – Use the lit match from your items folder to light the candles in height order.  From shortest to tallest.  4,1,2,5,3.

Puzzle 15 – Hit the switch!  Easy and a trick question to make you go to Facebook or Twitter.

The Campsite walkthrough and guide for 100 lights.

Puzzle 16 – Drag your finger quickly from the cloud to the left tree, then from the cloud to the right tree.  This will make the trees light up.

Puzzle 17 – Pick up both sticks into your item area.  Then rub on the campfire wood until you see lots of smoke.

Puzzle 18 – Pick up the jar on the screen.  Select it in items then pick up all the firebugs and fireflies.  Now if you shake the iPhone or iPod touch it will light up the bugs.

Puzzle 19 spoilers – Tilt your device to the side to move the rain away from the campfire.  Then select the sticks in your items area and rub the wood until you see fire.

Puzzle 20 – Select the firefly bugs in the jar from earlier and put them on the blue bug light.

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