100 Lights Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

The Twilight room in the 100 lights App.  Not the book.

Puzzle 31 – Swipe your finger on screen in these directions to light the lamp: Right arrow, down arrow, up arrow, left arrow.

Puzzle 32 – 0100 lights.  Keep tapping the green and red strings and it will work eventually and turn on the light.

Puzzle 33 – R-O-Y-G-B-V.  Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet.  Then press enter.

Puzzle 34 – The spiral galaxy puzzle.  Move the lamp to the top right, then hold your finger on the bottom and left spirals.  Then tap the lamp in the right spiral.

Puzzle 35 – Flip the iPhone or iPod touch upside down.  Now hold the screw in the middle of the lamp and turn the device back to a normal orientation.

The Temple rooms.

Puzzle 36 – Tap the red headed idol to pick it up.  drag the sun so the shadow is on your current time.  It is in roman numerals.

Puzzle number 37 – Scrub away the vines at the top of the screen.  Then hold all three symbols shown in the order they are shown to solve the puzzle.

Puzzle 38 – Tap and hold both ears to open the mouth.  Then select the red idol from earlier and tap into the mouse.

Puzzle 39 – Select the red idol from earlier.  Tap the bag and the idol quickly.  The eyes will light up so you know it is done.

Puzzle 40 – Open the bag in your items from the last puzzle.  You get 3 pieces to the sun.  Order them and light up 40!

The end of 100 lights!  Congratulations for completing it without any help.

100 Lights App review

I enjoyed the 100 lights app but would not pay for it.  It was fun to play through but has no replayability.  100 Lights takes about 30 minutes to complete all 40 puzzles currently availabel and covered in this answers guide.

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  1. Thank you you saved my life.