100 Lights Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

The basements levels in the 100 lights walkthrough and cheat guide.

Puzzle 21 – Pick up the spanner on the right pillar.  Select the spanner then tap the safe box.  FLick the switch to turn it on.

Puzzle 22 of 100 lights – Use the spanner on the top pipe with the water drop coming out of it.  Then flick the light switch to turn on the lamp.

Puzzle 23 – The folling should be on: Up, green, true, 1.  Set all other switches to off.  Up arrow, Green light, T and 1.

Puzzle 24 in 100 lights – Tap each light once to turn them all on.

Puzzle 25 – move the first swithc to the right.  Now turn the iPod or iPhone upside down to activate the second switch.  To do the last switch shake the device (while still upside down!).

Enter the Puzzle room.

Puzzle 26 – Easy, just rotate the pieces until it makes a lightbulb.

Puzzle 27 hints – Tap the green lamp and it will just light up!  Do not be afraid of the warnings.

Puzzle 28 – Move the lightbulb to the bottom of the lampshade.  Now swipe on screen from left to right 4 times to screw the bulb in and turn on the light.

Puzzle 29 – Rotate the pieces until you solve the puzzle.

Puzzle 30 in 100 lights – The jigsaw puzzle.  Place the pieces together until completed.

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  1. Thank you you saved my life.