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YouTube Movies Scheduled for Failure

Google today confirmed what we all knew was coming: YouTube Movies.  With 3,000 movies set to be added to it’s database over the coming days.

It’s going to fail:

Who really wants to watch a movie sitting at their desk?
– I don’t.  I have a home cinema setup for watching movies.  So who does watch movies at their desk?  Movie pirates and low income users.  Continue reading

Facebook Movies will be live within 12 months

I predict we’ll see Facebook Movies by early 2012 to compete directly with YouTube Movies.

Here’s why:

Facebooks main competitor, Google, is moving into the on-demand-movie space with its YouTube Movies service.  It’s a hot market right now.  But Google has always lacked the deep social network advantage Facebook has at its disposal. Continue reading

How I quit Reddit

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This article is written in response to a public request from Brad in the comments section of this article on quitting Reddit.


You want to quit Reddit because it is wasting your time. You feel there are better things to be doing.


There are 4 ways you can do this: Continue reading

Which Programming Language Should I Learn?

Which programming language to learn first.

This is the advice I wish I had been given when first starting out.  I asked everywhere and couldn’t get a straight answer to the simple question

It’s based on two crucial factors –

Continue reading

How to Really Make Money with a Blog

Welcome to this quick Nerdr article on how to start a money blog.  I’m not going to waste your time with fluff here, so let’s jump straight in at the deep end.

There are three ways to make money blogging:
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