Doors & Rooms Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

Doors and Rooms walkthrough and guide for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The Doors and Rooms app is created by Gameday games. This guide for Doors and Rooms contains help, hints and tips for completing the puzzles, there are … Continue reading

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141 Responses to Doors & Rooms Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

  1. How to do the Teddy Bear surgery room? HELP PLEASE!.

  2. Thanks for the walk through.

  3. “Stage 2-8 Pick up coins form the treasure pile. Each coin contains a 4 digit code. Keep picking up coins and try every code in the door until it opens.”

    actually… you just need to find the coin that has the same picture on it as you can see on the door… if you have that, enter the code from THAT coin…

    no need to enter all of them… just observe….

  4. How did you get the code for the door on level 3-7?.

  5. Hi!
    Place this spine piece on the right drawer in the square hole at the top. In the spine shadow you will see the door code 31371.

    How on earth do you see the numbers on the shadow? Is it like a barcode?


  6. How do you get passed 3-6 I have everything and I’m on the rope and key and get figure out what to do with them! PLEASE HELP.

  7. I dont understand how you worked out the last room? Please help!.

  8. The rope wont go on the heater, how do you put it on? ( Chapter 3 level 3-6 Silent Hospital) Thank you,

  9. Anyone trying to figure out the last room without just using the last code (stage 3-7):
    A bit of math is involved. By looking at the piece if paper picked up on the right shelves, you can solve each circle (ie: 2x+2y+2z=12, 2x+2y+4z=14, 1x+3y+1x=10) and find out that the empty cell (x) = 3, the full cell (y) = 2 and the star cell (z) = 1. With these, you can give a value to each person’s blood sample (aska=9, uj=6, sila=6, ruly=9, miro=7, max=5). Then, use the 3 anti vials on the sample clipboard. With this and the chart on the wall you can find each person’s blood type (aska A, uj RH-O, sila AB, ruly RH-A, miro B, max O). Finally, go to the code on the door and use the order at the top of the keypad to figure out the code (using the values from before). This will get you the code 697956.

  10. For stage 2-8 the eagle on the coins is different than the one on the door. Find the coin that has the same exact eagle on it. Use that code. Head to the right, star in chest, and feet.

  11. Can you please describe room 2-6, and how to get all those numbers? Thanks.

    • Pleh, for stage 2-6 tap the square above the door too zoom in, then tilt your device.

      You might need to screen lock first to prevent rotation. To see the numbers faster, remember the first number you see in the line is 8.

  12. Seriously! Is this game for people who passed their maths?.

  13. I know the door code it PUSH for stage 3.5 but how did you get it. Your walkthrough doesnt explain that.

  14. How do I get thru stage 4-1????.

  15. Have you done level 4 yet can’t do the first onec.

  16. Where’s cheats for chapter 4-3 ?I’m stuck and can’t get out its a new update I just got today….

    • I’m on this now, I have all the color cogs t it’s too much trial and error.

      Anyone know the order to place the cogs on 4-3?.

  17. Stage 4-1 please! Cant figure out what the code n the floor is related.

    • If anyone else wants to help others then just leave a comment and I’ll add your name in the guide.

      For stage 4-1 the numbers are grid coordinates. Make a link in the floor tiles from bottom left to top right. 5 tiles.

    • Syaida, press floor tiles from bottom left to top right.

  18. Up to 4-4 and its tough.

    • Working through them now too bud, nearly finished. They’re very difficult, guide will be updated with solutions to all new levels in a few hours.

  19. Chapter 4 please.

  20. Stage 4-3 pls.

    • You guys are so polite today! Ha.

      The Full episode 4 guide is now included. I rushed chapter 4 so the details might be missing, but the solution and door codes are complete. If anyone wants to expand on the details of how the various puzzles are solved you can leave a comment and I will let it through. Have a great day all of you guys, especially you, super polite anonymous guy! :).

  21. Can’t get the lighter, how?.

  22. Why is the door code for 4-7 1035?

    Appreciate it if u can teach me Thx.

    • The skeletons are all showing times. The left-hand skeleton on the wall is showing 12.20. The right-hand skeleton is showing 01.45. The time taken to get form 12.20 to 01.45 is 10 hours and 35 minutes.

  23. What is 2-10?.

  24. NERDR how did you get the last 4 digits for the code in 4-9.

  25. On 4-6, how did you get the code?

    I looked at the letters from the dead guy and their numbers but I don’t see how do you get the code.
    Does the letters H E L P are the key to the puzzle since they are the only letters with blood on it and what is the paper and wood even used for?

    On this guide, it just say look at the numbers on the letters and then just says what the code is. Am I not looking at the numbers hard enough?.

  26. I need help with the new additional levels on chapters 1 & 2 and the new chapter 4 level claustrophobia. Thank you :).

    • Priscilla, Those were added to the guide yesterday. Please check the later pages of the guide. The links to the pages are at the bottom of the guide, just above the write a comment box.

      • On stage 4.6 I have brightness right up and I still cannot see tiny star :/ I have tapped every where but still not got it :/ what’s wrong ?.

        • Lower right side…it’s literally the only thing you can see in the darkness.

          Star is not the 5 sided star…it’s like a real star. Looks like a small white cross.

    • Hi! Are you paying for these extra 2 levels?.

      • Yup. To be honest, the additional 2 for the first chapter are ok, for the second chapter – not worth it. Knowing what I know now, I would not have paid for them.

        If you wasted points you can reinstall the game to get full points, then use this guide to complete every level without needing to spend. I will warn that if you delete your game it does delete your progress so far.

  27. Anon….The numbers on the letters correspond with where the letter appears in the alphabet. The letters spell HELP so there for the numbers that correspond with them are 851216 which in turn is the code.