How to check if you are banned from reddit - comment page 1

How to check if your site and url are blocked on reddit.  Useful if you are wondering “why is my website banned from reddit”! Use this method to check if your website has been blocked on the social news … Continue reading

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14 Responses to How to check if you are banned from reddit - comment page 1

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  3. Ruben Berenguel

    As far as I have seen “banning”, most of the site-wide banning comes from particular sub-reddits, and if you ask the moderator about a link you submitted not appearing, he will tell you what is up and in some occasions, to stop submitting more content from this domain for a while. I’ve done so and it works perfectly. HackerNews is another completely different avenue… Its banning policies are harder, luckily I got my “karma” back a few weeks ago (and one of my posts hit front page, landing 18k visits… I’m still grinning about this one).



  4. 18k visits is amazing!

    I’ve found writing genuinely useful posts does amazing things for bringing new users to a blog. Unfortunately in my case, I submitted the link to flij.Com directly to the main Reddit.Com reddit, so it was the highest level admins or highest of high moderators who marked it. They clearly have a heirarchical structure, similar to wikipedias moderation system, whereby higher level mods cannot be overruled by lower level subreddit mods.

    Its a real shame as I made flij.Com specifically for reddit users to use. Ah well!.

  5. I find the moderators on reddit can be very heavy handed at times. You are correct in telling users to stick to subreddits, I would add they should not submit their URL more than once a week, at most, to reddit.

  6. Where exactly is the facebook like link ?.

  7. Hey Sunny, hover your mouse over the share block to see facebook/twitter links.

  8. Extreme facts! I have been looking for something such as this for a long time now. Thanks for your insight!.

  9. I think my friend’s blog (a non-revenue generating/no ads site) has been banned from Reddit. I set up both Digg and Reddit accounts for him. Told him to post content from other sites, comment on stories that he found to be interesting, etc. One of the first things that he did on Reddit was to create a post that said something to the effect of “Help me get a bunch of views on my site” and posted it to the main Reddit page. I promptly had him delete the post, and that was about a month ago.

    I just tried to post a relevant link to a picture from his site in a sub-reddit this evening and it disappeared almost immediately.

    • Yep, posts like that get flagged in seconds. The whole of Reddit has become a self sustaining ecosystem over the past few months. They have self-posts and imgur links and care heavily about website trust and the hivemind concept. They are afraid of change, new challenging ideas and malware.

      Further, the userbase is primarily poor: student/unemployed programmers. Not the best target market as far as revenue is concerned.

      Basically, I don’t think it’s a very good place to advertise a new website.

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  11. I think a lot of banning comes because the moderators are generally young and often don’t like opinions that don’t reflect there own.

    • I agree deano. This article was written just as the moderation system we now have was being introduced to subreddits. It’s such a shame how Reddit went from a free community model to power tripping moderator model.

      I miss the old Reddit. Now it’s just 12 year olds debating politics and an cheap imgur frontend. Back then it was a great community of intelligent thinkers. Gone forever eh.

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