Doors and Rooms Chapter 6 Walkthrough

Doors and Rooms Chapter 6 Walkthrough for ipod, iphone and Android. Chapter 6 is also called Weird story in the app. This cheats and answers guide will cover all of chapter 6 and contains spoilers with hints, tips and the solutions to the game puzzles.

Stage 6-1 of the 6th level of Doors and Rooms.

You start the level in a small cottage. A dartboard hangs on the wall. Near the door is a mat, pick up the paper under the lip of the mat. Move to your inventory and select the observe on the paper and you will see how dart board points are scored. The different rings have different multiples assigned to them.

Add the dart board points for each of the colors to get: Red 27, green 50 and yellow 16.

Tap on the curtain over the window and get the spade from the pot. Tap the plant you see in the room on the right and you will zoom in on the soil. Go to your inventory and select the spade and USE on the soil in the plant. You will find the red handle. On the table is a small keyhole. Attach the red handle you picked up to the table and touch the red part. The table will open allowing you to enter a code.

The final code is made by adding the red, green and blue scores with the green x100 and the red x10. The final code is 5286. A box will open with a key inside the table. Pick up the key and use on the door to exit the room.

A strange message will appear. It is asking for a review in exchange for points. You can safely ignore it by pressing on the no button.

Doors and Rooms Walkthrough stage 6-2. This is the bunny kitchen level.

Open the top of the fridge and pick up the fish. On the right in the chest of drawers is a knife. On the shelf above the door is a piece of pipe.

Tap the drawer under the sink area to open it and pick up the pan. Attach the pipe to the pipe hole on the left wall. Tap on the gas cooking unit near the sink and press the button near it to turn it on. Move to your inventory section and combine the fish with the pan. Now place the pan with the fish inside on the cooking unit. This will melt the ice around the fish.

Take the fish out of the pan. Combine the knife with the fish and then dismantle the fish to get the key. Near the fridge on the right is a small metal box. Use the key from the fish on this safety deposit box to open it. You will find a plunger inside.

On the mirror is the message 1:17. On the carrot calendar that is 3 across and 3 down. Look at the floor tiles. The floor tiles look just like the calendar. Use the plunger from the safety deposit box on tile 3 down and 3 across.

Scroll down a little and you will see the key. Pick it up and use on the door to exit.

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  1. The notches on the box won’t move at all for me. Is anyone else having this problem?.

  2. That’s for 6-8 I should add….

  3. Great game. Games like this should be on ds n other game consoles so my daughters can play it. Thank you for so much fun and reminding me I have a brain x.

  4. You have been a great help thank you so much!
    I just need help with the new chapter 7 I’m stuck at the last part in the first episode :((
    And again, thank you loads! Xx.