Doors and Rooms Chapter 6 Walkthrough - Page 9

Doors and rooms answers, cheats and solution for stage 6-10. The spaceship level.

The table at the bottom of the screen has two pieces to pickup. Combine them to make the laser. Now dismantle the laser shooter to make a red crystal. Place this red gem or red crystal into the crystal set with the other you see on your iphone, ipod or Android device.

Tap on the white screen on the right side, near the space chair. You will see an image of the sun, this is the brightness control. Press the down arrow 5 times to see the safe password 3852.

On the capsule under the color triangle is a code box. Enter the code 3852 to open it and remove the cog plate.

Place this cog plate where the end part of the crystal machine it. Press each last to see the colors. If you have two shining at one time you will see a number. The numbers: pink is 5, yellow is 3 and light blue is 6.

Zoom in to the color pyramid chart. Looking at this, and placing the numbers above into their positions we can see that red is 1, green is 2 and blue is 4. Adding these means white will be 7.

Move to the main console near the door and enter the code. The final code to exit the spaceship room is 4371562.

This is the end of the Doors and Rooms guide because the chapters have finished. I have now finished all of the weird story chapter, I hope you enjoyed this doors and rooms walkthrough.

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4 Responses to Doors and Rooms Chapter 6 Walkthrough - Page 9

  1. The notches on the box won’t move at all for me. Is anyone else having this problem?.

  2. That’s for 6-8 I should add….

  3. Great game. Games like this should be on ds n other game consoles so my daughters can play it. Thank you for so much fun and reminding me I have a brain x.

  4. You have been a great help thank you so much!
    I just need help with the new chapter 7 I’m stuck at the last part in the first episode :((
    And again, thank you loads! Xx.