Doors and Rooms Chapter 6 Walkthrough - Page 7

Doors and Rooms chapter 6, stage 6-8. The magic room.

Press the box in the corner and the joker will appear. Note the colors on it’s body: RGBYRY.

On the floor is the blade of a sword. Tap the cage to get the picture of the dove. Zoom in to the magic box on the left and press the sliders into position to match the colors on the joker. Inside you will find a red wand and a note.

Place the broken sword in the box in the middle of this room and then the red wand. It will become a full sword. Use the sword to cut the rope and drop the bag to the floor. Tap the bag to open it and take the note and green wand from inside.

Place the dove in the middle box and then the green wand. Dismantle the dove you will get a picture of a key.

Place this picture of a key into the middle box and then the green wand to get an actual key. Use this key to exit the room.

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4 Responses to Doors and Rooms Chapter 6 Walkthrough - Page 7

  1. The notches on the box won’t move at all for me. Is anyone else having this problem?.

  2. That’s for 6-8 I should add….

  3. Great game. Games like this should be on ds n other game consoles so my daughters can play it. Thank you for so much fun and reminding me I have a brain x.

  4. You have been a great help thank you so much!
    I just need help with the new chapter 7 I’m stuck at the last part in the first episode :((
    And again, thank you loads! Xx.