Doors and Rooms Chapter 6 Walkthrough - Page 2

Doors and Rooms Cheats Chapter 6 level 3. The mouse cottage level.

Pick up the cheese on the table and the stick from the bucket on the right. Touch the tap on the left and water will come out. There is a second piece of cheese at the top of the bookshelf. Near the gold pot on the bookshelf is a ball of blue string.

Tap the white teddy bear and get the pin. Combine the blue ball of string with the pin and use it on the cotton fluff coming out of the teddy. This will make the third piece of cheese fall.

Tap on the cooking pot on the left. Place all three cheese pieces into the pot and a key will fall. Use the metal pitchfork from your inventory to pick up the key from the log fire.

Select the hot pitchfork from the log fire and touch the water in the sink. It will cool the hot key. Dismantle the pitchfork and you will get the key to exit the room.

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4 Responses to Doors and Rooms Chapter 6 Walkthrough - Page 2

  1. The notches on the box won’t move at all for me. Is anyone else having this problem?.

  2. That’s for 6-8 I should add….

  3. Great game. Games like this should be on ds n other game consoles so my daughters can play it. Thank you for so much fun and reminding me I have a brain x.

  4. You have been a great help thank you so much!
    I just need help with the new chapter 7 I’m stuck at the last part in the first episode :((
    And again, thank you loads! Xx.