Doors and Rooms Chapter 6 Walkthrough - Page 4

Doors and rooms chapter 6 level 5. The tree house and the television.

On the table is a little note near the bread. Near the foot of the telephone table is a hacksaw.

Observe the paper and you will see 3 channels. 3:45 Key tv, 9:00 Wood and 11:15 bug. Tap on the antenna of the TV. you can now set the direction of the antenna to the correct time position and get a signal.

345 the code is red, green, yellow and blue. 900 the code for super plants is 430-696. For 1115 the code is 570-990.

Enter these codes into the telephone and press the call button to get packages delivered. Dismantle both packages. Tap on the ladder to see the bugs. Use the bug spray to remove the bugs from the ladder.

Swipe right to the big tree in the wall. Use the plant growth formula on the tree and cut three branches with the saw. Attach the three branches to the ladder and tap on the top of the ladder. You need a code. Remember the colors from the television channel, and the telephone also has colors. The code is 2864.

The hatch will open To exit the stage press the hatch again once it is open.

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4 Responses to Doors and Rooms Chapter 6 Walkthrough - Page 4

  1. The notches on the box won’t move at all for me. Is anyone else having this problem?.

  2. That’s for 6-8 I should add….

  3. Great game. Games like this should be on ds n other game consoles so my daughters can play it. Thank you for so much fun and reminding me I have a brain x.

  4. You have been a great help thank you so much!
    I just need help with the new chapter 7 I’m stuck at the last part in the first episode :((
    And again, thank you loads! Xx.