Icomania Answers – iPhone, iPad and Android

Icomania Answers. These are all the answers to the Icomania app on iPhone, Android and iPad. These solutions and cheats for the Icomania game are spoilers so only use if you want to cheat. Icomania is made by Friends GMBH. … Continue reading

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101 Responses to Icomania Answers – iPhone, iPad and Android

  1. Level 3 #58 character 4 letters butterfly on the tail off a reindeer.

  2. Level 11 picture 366 and ten letter.

  3. Manyspelling mistakes….

  4. This is cool.

  5. Im playing on windows phone but thought someone might be able to help. Its a red background, white logo that looks like a peacocks tail feathers. It has 6 letters, begins with h and has the letters; i i a u e w. Anyone know? Thanks.

  6. I have a light blue square with yellow eyes & white frevkles . Also it has dark blue stripes on the side.