Icomania Answers – iPhone, iPad and Android

Icomania Answers. These are all the answers to the Icomania app on iPhone, Android and iPad. These solutions and cheats for the Icomania game are spoilers so only use if you want to cheat. Icomania is made by Friends GMBH. … Continue reading

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101 Responses to Icomania Answers – iPhone, iPad and Android

  1. The answer to #83 isn’t kill bill. I’ve been stuck on this level all day. It’s 2 words under tv/movie. The first word is 4 letters. The second is 7 letters. Please help. The picture is a black dress with a needle in the ladies chest.

  2. It’s Che Guevara, not Ch Guevara.

  3. Nestlé blue e with line over top.

  4. Looks like a bullet with 3 rings. Level 3 #73.

  5. There is a new update out.

  6. What is the brand with 7 D’s, 2 on the upper left, 3 down the middle, and 2 on the right?.

  7. Red shape, white background – brand???.

  8. What is the one with the yellow background glasses and a top hat?.

  9. What is the brand with 7 black dots?.

  10. tsiemers@ymail.com

    Fidel Castro
    Snoop Dogg
    Tom Hanks
    Chuck Norris

  11. It was very helpful.

  12. Green and white has green x and a block next to it.

  13. Ok, 374 level…here we go again…been stuck 2 days or so……its a train tunnel w/ tracks a sitting van a bus up on shore and a fancy entrance way to a home…….:).

  14. 2 words first is 5 letters and second is 4 white circle surrounded by grey triangles going around circle overlapping each other.

  15. What is level 3 number 78.

  16. Gold/orange letters Co.

  17. Stuck on the one that could pass for JAWS but isn’t..Level 3, #54… Letters given are dmmnmin ionegtf…. Help?.

  18. Icomania black inkblob with a red star on it first word three letters the second word is seven letters for #132????.

  19. What is the brand after skype?.

  20. Thx this helped a lot.

  21. Hat and glasses?.

  22. Glasses and top hat?.

  23. Number 83# on Icomania????.

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  25. What is the mirror D icon on Icomania?.

  26. #46, white background orange smile. Its a brand

    o.O stuck! Pls help.

  27. STUCK!! Please help :)
    What is the famous person one all black with red star on hat??.