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100 Lights Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

100 Lights walkthrough and guide for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The 100 Lights app is created by Smarcle developer Arsen Pereymer and distributed by Apple. This guide for 100 Lights contains hints and tips for completing the puzzles, there are spoilers, cheats, answers and solutions.

Welcome to the complete 100 Lights guide and walkthrough for iPad, iPhone and Android.

The goal of 100 lights is to turn off all 100 lights in the game.  This guide and walkthrough has the cheats and hints for the 100 lights App.

Puzzle 1 – Just switch on the light!

Puzzle 2 – Use the switch on the left wall to turn on the light.

Puzzle 3 – Move the plant and turn on.

Puzzle 4 – Open the curtains, tap the picture to move it and use the switch.

Puzzle 5 – Open the curtains, then rotate the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Android device.

The dungeon levels walkthrough.

Puzzle 6 – Tap the torch to pick it up.  Open the items menu and then tap the lit torch and the unlit torch.

Puzzle 7 answer – Tap items, select the lit torch and then tilt the iPhone or iPod touch to the right.  This will move the barrel to the door.  Now light the barrel with the torch.

Puzzle 8 – Tilt device upside down and to the side to release the locks.  Then tap the door to open.

Puzzle 9 solution – Tap the block that is poking out of the wall, then the door.  Then use the lit torch in your items to light the firewood.

Puzzle 10 – Roman Numerals puzzle.  Open the door by pressing the blocks in the order shown in Roman Numerals.  Bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right and lastly the top.  Then light the firewood with the torch again.

Whats My IQ App Pro Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

What’s my IQ Pro edition complete cheats, walkthrough and guide.  What’s my IQ pro test app is made by Orangenose studios and is available from the Appstore for $0.99.  Here is the FULL game guide for What’s my IQ pro HD.

The first 50 questions in What’s my IQ Pro are the same as the FREE edition.  For questions and answers to What’s my IQ FREE and the first 50 puzzle questions please see the Guide to the first 50 questions in What’s my IQ.

Now on to the What’s my IQ PRO puzzle guide and questions 50 to 100.

Puzzle 51 – Replace the tires on the car.  Drag and drop the tire on the right hand side over the tire/tyre on the left hand side.

Puzzle 52 – Quickly tap the thing three times AFTER it explodes.  Wait until the timer finishes, then casually tap the thing three times.

Puzzle 53 – The average of three numbers is 6.  the average of two of these numbers is 5.  What is the third number?  ANSWER is 8.   You can solve it using Algebra.

Puzzle Question 54 – Bring the red button to the left side.  Turn your iPhone, iPod or iPad upside down so the left is right and right is left.

Puzzle 55 – Place the cups into their respective dotted lines puzzle.  Easy!  Start from the bottom row and work up.

Puzzle 56 – Replace the front tire with the spare tire.  I bet you tried the same thing as last time right? ANSWER first drag the front tire away from the car, then move the spare tire into the front tire position on the car.

Puzzle 57 – Tap the numbers from small to big.  Easy question with balloons.  You know this will come back and trick you next time.

Puzzle 58 of 101 in What’s my IQ Pro – Tap the cake after coffee but before tapping cola twice.  Coffee, then cake, then coca cola twice.

Puzzle 59 – Burst the balloons in ascending order.  Here is the trick question you knew was coming!  When you see the 9 turn the device upside down so it looks like a 6.  Now you can tap it correctly.  Then for 9 turn it upside down again too so it looks like 9 and not 6 before tapping.  This What’s my IQ pro app on

Puzzle 60 – Switch on both lightbulbs at the same time.  Rotate your Apple iPod touch, iPhone or iPad device to the left.  Now the red button will slowly cover the blue button allowing you to turn on both lights.

Puzzle 61 – Tap the slowest star.  Of course it is the WORD star in the question.

Puzzle 62 – Turn on all LEDs to open the safe.  Press A,B,C,F.  It was my first random guess.

Puzzle 63 – Catch the butterfly before it flies away.  Forget the net and just tap on the butterfly with your finger.

Puzzle question 64 – Tap 3 bicycles.  Of course again, just tap on the word bicycle in the question three times.

Puzzle 65 – Quick! Burst 3 red balloons.  Simple…you know a trick is coming.

Whats My IQ App Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

What’s my IQ ™ app Guide comes in Pro and normal versions for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.  HD and non HD are available from the App store.  What’s my IQ 100 questions was made by Orangenose studios and attempts to test your creative thinking skills.  Here are the puzzle solutions for those looking to cheat with puzzle answers.

Puzzle 1 – Slide to the LEFT!.

Puzzle 2 – What number is the biggest? 36 is the biggest number in size.

Puzzle 3 – 5 is equal to 1.

Puzzle 4 – Mary is the sister-in-law of my dad’s only brother.  What is Mary to me? Mother.

Puzzle 5 – Which number is the smallest?  click on “number”. Checkpoint reached.

What’s my IQ app guide and walkthrough – Question 6 – Biggest possible number? 999.

Puzzle 7 – Which direction is the torchlight facing?  It’s facing the LEFT button.

Puzzle 8 – If there are 6 sisters in a family, each has 1 brother, how many children in total in the family? 7, they all have the same brother guy.

Puzzle 9 – Tear the note into 2 pieces.  Hold the left and right side and tear the dollar note into two.

Puzzle 10  -How many candles on the cake? 0 The candles are not on any cake!

Puzzle 11 – Correct the arrows – hold up the iPod, iPad or iPhone so the UP arrow is pointing up.

Puzzle 12 – Which direction is the torchlight SHINING again? NONE.

What’s my IQ guide Puzzle 13 – Tap the pail with water.   Touch and hold the words PAIL and WATER at the same time and release.

Puzzle 14 – Clean up the car.  Scrub the car with your finger until it is clean.

Puzzle 15 – Puzzle is to create an Earthquake – shake device until the bling.

Puzzle 16 – Correct the left arrow.  Correct the Arrows again.  Rub the ‘s’ from “Arrows” until it disapears.

Puzzle 17 – Tap quickly reflex test with lightbulb.

Puzzle 18 – Put all objects into the dotted lines.  Put the odd triangle shape into the star shape.

Puzzle 19 – Tap all the EVEN numbers.  Remember to tap the word “even”.  22, 14 and EVEN.

Puzzle 20 – Which pail has water again? Tap the pail with water again. Turn device upside down and tap the bucket with water coming out of it.

What’s my IQ walkthrough from – Puzzle 21 – What color is the opposite of Blue? Answer is Brown.  I have no idea why.

The Curse Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

The Curse walkthrough and guide for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The Curse app is created by Mojo Bones Ltd. and Toy Box.  This guide for The Curse contains hints and tips for completing the puzzles, there are spoilers.

Leave a comment below if you know the solution to a puzzle that’s missing!

Welcome to the complete The Curse guide and walkthrough for iPad, iPhone and Android.

Puzzle 1 – Tangram number 1 puzzle. Puzzle is to place the shapes into the big M.  Two blue triangles at top corners of M.  Big orange triangle in biddle bottom point of M.  on right, green square and point is red triangle.  On left red triangle and skewed rectangle.

Puzzle 2 – Riddle puzzle 1.  We’re here all the time, but can’t always be seen.  The more light there is, the less light we gleam.  Solve the riddle in The Curse app, Answer is on the next line.

Answer is STARS – Bille from the comments.

Puzzle 3 – Magic squares number 1. Fit the numbered tiles into the grid so that all directions must add up to 15.  6 in top left, 9 in middle right.  Solution is top row: 6,7,2.  Second row: 1,5,9.  Bottom row: 8,3,4.

Puzzle 4 – Sliding blocks #1.  Answer and solution for the first sliding puzzle, puzzle number 4, in The Curse App comes from Jessi in the comments.  Puzzle 4 What To Do : Make sure all the cubes are at the top in the right corner, all the rectangles are in the bottem right corner, move the picture left and down, then move the picture down and keep moving the cubes and rectangles round the outside of the board.

Puzzle 5 – Button Gauge #1. Hint: Easy reaction test.

Puzzle 6 – Match it #1. No cheats or hint required. Easy, trial and error.

Puzzle 7 – Bulbs sequence number 1. Copy the bulbs sequence – easy!

Puzzle 8 – The Curse App tangram puzzle number 2 “house layout”.  Answer with screenshot solution in the comments below by i_maq.

Puzzle 9 – Draw the line #1. Draw 5 lines to separate the balls into yellow and red pairs in this The Curse puzzle.  Line 1 – Top left corner to bottom right corner.  Top nail 5 to left nail 5 down from top.  left nail 5 from top to bottom nail 4.  top nail 5 to bottom nail 5.  Top nail 6 to right nail 4.

Puzzle 10 – Riddle number 2. Pay attention to every line, and look for the answer.  Perhaps you should fold? Everything you need is here, right on this page.  Solution is on the next line.

Answer is PAPER! – Jenny23 from the comments!

Puzzle 11 – Question Circuit #1. Connect the colored circuits and bridge a connection between the colored nodes.  Yellow and green are easy. Pink goes under yellow and over blue.

Puzzle 12 – Jars Puzzle #1, divide the liquid as shown. Solve the dilemma by moving the liquid from one jar to another.  Hint is 8 to 5, 5 to 3, 3 to 8.  You have 6 in the 8 jar and 2 in the 5 jar.  Pour 5 into 3, 8 to 5, 5 to 3 and 3 to 8 for solution.  Bille from the comments.

Puzzle 13 – Lights out #1.  Turn off all the lights. Middle, and then every corner.

Puzzle 14 – Untangle number 1.  Untangle the screen so no lines of thread are crossing. Keep moving until you see all white.  Trial and error puzzle.

Puzzle 15 – Sliding Blocks puzzle number 2.    HELP.

Puzzle 16 – Burn the rope 1. Burn the rope segments in the correct order so that you touch every knot only once and eventually return to the starting know.  Solution is start from bottom left corner knot.

Puzzle 17 – Logic wheel. Match the gems to their correct positions as indicated by the diagram, match the inscribed pattern. Keep working it. No solution possible!

Puzzle 18 – Draw the Line number 2. Divide into pairs of red and yellow.  Answer is top 2nd to bottom 5th, top 5th to bottom 5th, left 5th to right 4th, right 3rd to bottom 6th and finally right 5th to bottom 4th. Answered by Nerdr.

Puzzle 19 – Riddle number 3.  Look inside to find the answer.  I am key to your survival.  Does this strike a chord?.  Answer, hint and cheat to solve this riddle on the next line.

Answer is not blood, not heart, ORGAN.  Larry C posting this answer to the comments.

Puzzle 20 – Hamiltonian #1.  Make a circuit using every nail. One of my personal favorite puzzles – Keep trying, you’ll get it eventually.  Top and right hand side nails are all along edge.

Play Solitaire Online Free

Solitaire free online, the most addicting game of solitaire you will ever play.  Better than worldofsolitaire could ever dream to be, play it here.

Here is the link to

At Solitaire Free you can play a live game of solitaire to your hearts content. You will receive 10 points for each card placed in the solitaire pile and can refresh the game by pressing the F5 key on the keyboard. Move cards with your mouse genius.

The game of solitaire has a long winding history that you can read all about on the solitaire wiki page. The common version of solitaire everyone enjoys these days is known as Freecell solitaire among professional players. Second on the popularity list is Klondike solitaire, followed from a significant distance by old one leg spider solitaire. There are no professional solitaire players.

Do Solitaire tournaments exist? In a single word, no. Solitaire means single player and since the challenge of a game of Solitaire is mostly random it would be unfair to hold tournaments. Unless every player started with the same deck and the competition was a timed test. With the player who completes 3 predetermined decks to the solitaire end condition fastest being given the trophy. There’s a million dollar idea for you, you’re welcome.

Solitaire is predominantly played by office ladies and bored secretaries looking to spice up their lives between serving “The Man”. It’s also played by bored I.T. Staff who’ve been banned from playing counter Strike on the office network. Solitaire being the safe option, leaving no trace of play except in the minds of the chosen few who complete it and see the “card rush” sequence.

Coming back to the startup of the week, solitaire free is well worth a look and given a well deserved 5/5 stars and an ace to the face.